Dear Conner’s Cause: Thank you very much for helping Jerry find a voice!

Friday, October 21st, 2011 | Conner's Cause Families, News |

Two years ago, fourteen year old Jerry almost died from an anoxic brain injury. His parents turned to Conner’s Cause shortly after his accident for help with gas and grocery cards so that they could be by his side during his long and often uncertain road to recovery and rehabilitation.

When Jerry was finally ready to go home this summer, his therapists told us that he was almost back to his old self, except for one thing: he had lost his ability to speak. Jerry used a text to speech machine in the hospital that allowed him to communicate, but it was large and clunky, and not fast or responsive enough for a bright teenage boy frustrated by his inability to easily communicate with his friends and family.

One day, his therapist brought in her Ipad for Jerry to use and he took to it immediately, his fingers tapping away excitedly on the touch screen. No insurance will pay for an IPad and there was no extra money in the family’s household to purchase one for Jerry, so the family once again turned to Conner’s Cause for help. Not long ago, at one of Jerry’s therapy sessions, Conner’s Cause surprised him with a new Ipad with his name inscribed on the back. Jerry’s Ipad has a text to speech application, which will allow him to talk to his friends and family, attend school and get back to being a teenage boy.

Jerry’s new “voice” would not have been possible without the generosity of all of you who support Conner’s Cause for Children. On behalf of Jerry and his family, thank you!